SKU : 27823520-10-in-1-purple

BDSM Sex Toy Kit for Couples


Calling all adventurous couples! This BDSM Sex Toy Kit for Couples has been carefully created with you in mind, giving you plenty of different toys to play with in your bedroom, bathroom and any room you can think of...maybe even outside of the house!

This set comes in several different colours. Each full-sized set contains restraints and a blindfold, a whip, a dildo and two different butt plugs. Make sure that you know which of you is going to be the one getting restrained to start with - or fight for power as you both try to restrain each other.

Fast Facts:

  • This BDSM Sex Toy Kit comes in several different sizes.
  • Comes in purple, black, red and leopard print.
  • Features restraints, ropes and classic sex toys.

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