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160cm Inflatable Sex Doll


After a long, hard day of work, what more could you want than to have someone waiting at home for you? With a human voice, our 160cm Inflatable Sex Doll is quite literally the perfect woman.

"Hi Master, you are back home late today. Were you busy at work?"

"Did you think about me? I was waiting for you all day. I got so lonely and couldn't wait to see you."

"I've prepared dinner for you. I wish that I could have a candlelit dinner with you every night. Have you ever thought about having dinner with me in the nude? I mean, you can stay dressed if you really want to, but I want to eat nude. I want to tempt you whilst you're enjoying my delicious dinner...I mean the food, of course."

Fast Facts:

  • I measure 80 / 58 / 85cm.
  • I can withstand up to 300lbs of pressure.
  • I weigh 1.8kg.
  • I am a 160cm Inflatable Sex Doll.
  • I have an independent vagina and a natural voice.
  • I don't come with make-up or clothes, nor do I contain any toxic materials.
  • I am made of silicone and plastic.
  • My skin color can be seen in my photographs.
  • Batteries not included.

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