SKU : 30154117-natural-skin-170cm-sex-doll

Miriam the 170cm Love Doll


There's something charming about the summer. Everyone sits outside soaking up the sun. During a neighborhood gathering, you are lucky enough to meet a sun-kissed lady called Miriam. 

As you might be able to imagine, you and Miriam got along like a house on fire. You told her about your hobbies, your job, even your high school. For some reason, you wanted to share every part of your life with Miriam. She was the perfect listener.

Since then, the two of you have met up frequently, sharing breakfast and coffee at local cafés and candlelit dinners in picturesque restaurants. Recently, she invited you back to her home for dinner...we all know what will happen there.

Fast Facts:

  • I am 170cm tall.
  • Bust 89cm My bust measures 89cm, my waist measures 57cm and my hips measure 89cm.
  • I come with a vaginal depth of 19cm, an anal depth of 17cm and a mouth depth of 15cm.
  • I weigh 38kg.
  • I am made out of TPE.

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