SKU : 30154127-normal-168cm-sex-dolls

Cerise Noire Love Doll


Cerise Noire has had a long and difficult life, before arriving at your doorstep. 

You quickly learnt her story. She tried to work as an exotic dancer, but she found out the hard way that she really can't dance. Now, she works in care...and she can take care of all of your fantasies.

Cerise Noire has a metal skeleton, perhaps explaining the issues that she had with dancing, but she is very soft to touch. She can be used for vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex.

Fast Facts:

  • I am made of TPE.
  • I enjoy vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex.
  • I am 158cm tall. 
  • I weigh 39kg. 

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